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Thread: My best pull ever!

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    My best pull ever!

    Some Ebay pick ups

    2 Mini boxes of Bloodlines

    S4 Box hits

    And the last hit from that box

    1/1 My first ever non plate 1/1 pull. Thanks for looking and sorry bout the piss poor photos my scanner is broke so I used my phone!
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    Nice pull!
    I'm fdgowin all over the internet.

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    Machida Diamond!!!! sweet
    Rich Franklin super collector!! Also collecting Edgar, DCruz, Bendo, Serra, Hamill, Palhares, Kongo, Sonnen and Njokuani.

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    No ef™™™™g way! Amazing hit man! Dang, if I had known Machida Diamond was still out there I would have been buying up S4 by the case load! Lol. This is why you can't overlook older product, you never know what's still out there!
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