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Thread: Free NHL network this season?

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    Free NHL network this season?

    Heard that the NHL was gonna make the NHL network free for the rest of the season as a perk to draw fans back. Does anyone know about this or has heard anything about it or confirm what i heard is a rumor?

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    ive heard free and $50 as rumors
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    if youre asking about the NHL center ice package it's 50-60 bucks depending on your cable carrier
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    What you've heard is a lot of people / radio hosts saying they *should* give out Gamecenter / Center Ice for free for the shortened season.

    What you'll hear from the NHL is "hockey's back, that'll be $49.99 please."
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    I haven't heard anything about the NHL Network.

    NHL Centre Ice and NHL Game Centre Live are being offered at discounted/pro-rated costs this year.
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    Gary Bettman was on my local sports station this morning and basically he said that while he would like to make it free. He can't. He says that the NHL has many partners in this venture and it would be impossible for it to be free. He stated that it will be a small fee based on the provider.


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    My cable provider doesn't even offer NHL Network which sucks since eventhough I'll be getting the NHL Center Ice I won't be able see the games broadcasted on NHL Network.
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    I have Xfinity and ordered it yesterday 49.99. As usual they said the first week would be free
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