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Thread: 2013 SPGU break

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    2013 SPGU break

    Watched a few boxes of Nohands70 case break and Benny had some amazing cards I am sure he will post. So I thought I would try a box and couple of packs after busting a box of 2012 Crown Royale football (Ryan Broyles 99% white swatch)

    Here are the results. Nothing really huge that I know of:


    Game Used:

    Team Canada

    Kreider jersey

    Quad jersey

    Rookie auto sweaters:

    I am guessing this might be the best card of the break?


    Price is much lower than other years, but UD took out a pack so really not much of a reduction. Very, very limited watching to me it is another hit or miss product. Some boxes great looking patches or net, whatever, but others a real money loser.

    Just my two cents or $200. in this case of breakage. Hobby owner says " busting wax is cardboard crack"

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    That looks like a very strong box to me!
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    Not bad at all, is the Sheahan available by chance?

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    Nice Quad and Kreider, nothing wrong with that box.
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    that was a really good box. I am wondering if there will be an SPX this year because SPGU looks a lot like SPX content wise in years past.

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    if that's only a 1 box break you did AMAZING ! Jaden Schwartz Auto Letter is definately a sweet card plus the quad jersey is amazing + 2 autos, 1 rookie jersey auto and the other base jerseys... Congrats !

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    It was not one box. It was a box and three packs. One from the box on the shelf and then the owner opened a new box for the store and I took two from there.

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    If the Schwartz if for sale, lets get something done!!

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    My problem with this year set sp far is the lack of big hit rookies... Kreider ans swartz are top rc hitsbut wait til yakupov, galcheniuk and other come out now they will be top rc
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    Schwartz is a big hit (only one so far sold 170$ + ship), and the quad jersey is sweet too

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