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    Need some Ebay Purchase Advice Please

    A card that I was watching ended with 0 bids, so I email the owner with an offer which he accepted. However, he wants me to send paypal as a gift, I know as much not to do that as I have no protection so my question is what is the best way to go about purchasing the card for the agreed upon amount while still giving me protection? I thought about asking him to post as BIN but I am in Japan and he is in the US so setting that up will be difficult. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I understand ya want him to send at the same price you agreed upon but I'd say if ya want the card bad enough just pay the few bucks for the goods. Obviously I don't know how much it's gonna cost but that's a long way to travel. Who knows what can happen.

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    Thanks for the reply but even if I wanted to pay the few extra bucks (even though i got about a 25% discount), is there a way to conduct the transaction that ensures I have buyer protection. I have heard of people offering a certain amount for a card they think is listed for too much and about a week/month later when the seller can't sell they will contact that person and agree to their original offer. So how do they go about making the transaction? I have read numerous times on this forum never to send as a gift so maybe there is no other way besides setting up a BIN and purchase immediately.

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    Have him send a paypal invoice for the card, which you will pay in goods, then if you don't get it and there is no proof of delivery, you can always file a paypal claim. It's your safest bet. If you didn't agree to pay gift to begin with or have an understanding prior to sale, just tell them you will absolutely not pay gift.

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    Do not pay gift lol. Offer the seller an extra $5 or so to compensate for paypal fees. the seller can set it up through paypal. You have to select type of payment, goods, and at the bottom of the invoice where it says what the purchase is for write down the exact description of the card.

    Or as you said you can ask the seller to set it up on bin. That way you have complete protection. The seller probably wont do it unless you pay more. If the seller wont agree to doing it bin then I wouldnt even bother. If they want you to leave yourself unprotected then they dont have good intentions in mind.

    Ask the seller what price they would accept on bin. If they wont do it then walk away. As much as it sucks you are better off doing it like that.

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    Have him send you an invoice through Ebay/PayPal and if he isn't happy about your not paying gift, cover the fees for him if he won't accept the cost of doing business.

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    paypal has its own buyer protection program in addition to what ebay has for ANY transaction you do through them. There are a lot of places outside of ebay that are now starting to accept paypal as a means of payment. just make sure the payment is sent as good and you'll be fine. if anything goes wrong, you can file a claim with paypal directly and they'll take care of it and you will get your money back. again, just make sure you send goods and not gift.

    as stated previously, the seller can go into paypal and generate an invoice and send it to you. you'll get it in your email and will be able to just click on 'pay' in there I think and it'll run you through it. pretty straightforward, I've done this many times outside of ebay and it usually goes smooth as glass.

    Good luck, i hope you guys can work something out!

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    ask the guy to put the card up on ebay as best offer,have him put a very high best price/best offer, then offer him the price.

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