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    Another ebayer to add to your block list


    i know these threads pop up more often then they should have to but I want to make sure my fellow collectors dont deal with his headache. He bought a game from me dec 27th. he emailed me 18 hours after the game sold asking if it shipped yet which obviously it wasnt yet since it hadnt even been a day thanks to a post office mistake it was sent back by mistake. So I send it again and it arrives the 7th. keep in mind he had the dc number and i kept him informed when it got sent back. So it arrives the 7th i get an email the 11th saying he hasnt recieved it i told him the dc number shows that it arrived on the 11th. He says "i know but its not here yet" and immediately opens a paypal claim. I called paypal gave them the dc number and they found in my favor about 30 minutes after he opened it. so then of course he leaves me with negative feedback saying "haven't received the package an its been 3 weeks"(never mind that it was a little over 2 weeks at that point not 3 lol" .

    After getting a negative i checked his feedback(stupid move on my part to not do so before hand) which was 100 percent but i read the comments this time. he only had 6 feedback and they were from 6 different people saying he didnt pay. when i called him on that and told him he was just trying to pull a fast one on me he then immediately messaged me and said the game came that day. so please save yourself the hassle and block this guy. i won the paypal claim but it cost me a negative feedback and a headache.

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    Hate to hear that. Too bad ebay does not have a way to dispute negative feedback when you have proof like DC.


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    Bummer on the negative.

    The first thing you can do is this:
    However, it requires the buyer to respond for it to be effective.

    If that doesn't work, you can always try

    But that's a little trickier. He didn't say anything vulgar, but you can try the following arguments:
    - first, try getting the contact info for the guy. If its not valid, you can remove the feedback from this:
    The buyer or seller provided eBay with an email address that is invalid, and the buyer or seller couldn't be contacted at the time of the transaction. See our false or missing contact information policy.
    - Check back to see if the guy is suspended (after all those non-payments?)
    A member is suspended by eBay for behavior that we've determined is malicious enough to warrant removing all the negative and neutral Feedback they've left for sellers. Note: If a member is suspended within 90 days of registration, all Feedback left by that member is removed.
    - suggest that the slow shipping was due to the recent catastrophic events in the USA
    A buyer leaves a seller a general rating of negative or neutral or a low detailed seller rating that we've determined is directly and solely the result of a systemic event beyond the seller's reasonable control such as an earthquake or flood.
    Good luck & cheers,

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    thank you for the nudge in the right direction, im going to look into some of these tonight because that just annoys the heck out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain11 View Post
    Hate to hear that. Too bad ebay does not have a way to dispute negative feedback when you have proof like DC.

    You can get feedback removed.
    Just contact eBay. If he's left the negative because he said it's not arrived and then boom within 24hours (and DC proof) he's messaged to say its here you have a good case.

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    exact quote from the guy on ebay i talked to on the phone. "i know its unfair that you as the seller are receiving negative feedback for doing nothing wrong but we are not able to remove the feedback because we can prove that he was lying and it didnt violate ebay policy

    thats the last quote. before that he said the feedback didnt violate ebay policy, i asked why it wasnt against ebay policy to lie in feedback and he said because of the way the guy worded it they cant prove he was lying. the feeback said "havnt received the package and its been 3 weeks" basically he said that even though the dc marked it delivered they have no way of proving he was lying because even though it was delivered it could have been stolen or something like that.

    so i said again exact words "as an ebay seller once a package is marked delivered there is nothing i can do. i sent it safely and it arrived, paypal even sided with me on the claim, i did nothing wrong and im being penalized for it, you guys are essentially saying that even though i did everything i was supposed do and did nothing wrong with this transaction im still going to be penalized"

    thats when i got hit with the quote above....

    the guy was friendly and just trying to do his job but i hung up on him a couple minutes after hearing that

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