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This is a different company than Leaf. Leaf went out of business long ago and was bought by Donruss. Donruss went under and was bought out by Playoff and then later Panini. Somewhere along the line either Playoff or Panini let the license for the naming rights to Leaf run out. The guy who owned the Razor card company smartly bought the rights to the Leaf name and changed his company from Razor to Leaf. So rather than trying to branch out the name of a going nowhere start up he had a company with a name that people recognized. The only thing the new Leaf has really made has been baseball minor league stuff and buybacks.

A similar thing happened in the video game world as Atari went under and was bought out by another company. Well more people recognized Atari than the other brand so they just changed their name to Atari but they have no relation to the video game maker of the 1980s other than the name.
Yeah I kind of figure it was something like this, thanks for the info. To me I don't see the interest of buying a $240 lotery ticket. I rather use my money to buy something I really want. I just don't dig the interest but I never buy lotery ticket either, I hate to pay extra income tax to governements LOL.

But I can see why some buy them. But for me, I see no appeal to these type of release.