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Thread: Manti Te'o are you serious

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    I'd love to be a fly on the wall during his combine interviews.

    "So Mr. Teo, do you have any other pretend family that we need to know about?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrveggieman View Post
    If I were an nfl GM or coach this would set off a bunch of red flags. If he is going to lie about something stupid like an imaginary girlfriend what else will he be untruthful about? If he is dumb enough to fall for this how gullible can this guy be?
    What would be worse him lying about a girlfriend existing or him being dumb enough to fall for an online hoax?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    What would be worse him lying about a girlfriend existing or him being dumb enough to fall for an online hoax?

    Both of them are just as bad. And to think I was kicking around the idea of PCing this guy. I might as will stick to Barkley and Geno Smith.
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    Notre Dame attracts haters for sure...

    Look, not defending T'eo for lying on some level, we know he did. I also know that every guy I have been friends with has lied to some degree about a significant other. Perhaps falling for some girl he met online, that he never met & stood him up was a bit too embarrassing for T'eo to own up to. Perhaps he fabricated the whole thing for some other absurd reason. I am pretty sure anyone writing about this has told lies just as bad...the difference is that newspapers could care less about what we say.

    That said the Heisman conspiracy theory is absurd. Why would anyone think this would significantly help their unlikely (as a defensive player) chances of winning a Heisman? This is especially true when you already had a real family death you could leverage if you really thought that played with voters (there is probably a diminishing marginal return on deceased loved ones).

    I haven't seen this level of criticism when athletes get caught driving 110 mph while drunk, beat their spouses (or mothers...Dez), can't remember the names of their children, etc. By all other accounts Manti seems like a good teamate and decent person. Any teams who would pass on him because of this situation would be demonstrating why they have early picks to begin with. My selfish hope in all of this is that he slips to my Giants.

    In the end, no one will care about this. Ray Lewis lied about two murders...and we (myself included) still cheer for him.
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