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Thread: 12/13 spgu one box break

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    12/13 spgu one box break

    Hey everyone, all tell no show for this one. (scans available upon request) just figured id get this up quick to see if anyone wanted to trade or buy em.

    Anyways here was the box average at best. but it was fun.

    Dustin brown
    Marc andre Fleury

    Team Canada Jersey
    Chet Pickard

    Auto Rookie Gold
    Brandon Bollig (no numbering?)

    And finally the hit of the box, wasnt the greatest but oh well.

    Fight Strap /15 Scott Hartnell as a pens fan would like to see this gone ASAP!

    Anyways there was my box, probably all ill try this year as I gonna try to save up for national treasures football. All is for trade or sale, looking for brandon sutter mostly if you want to trade but i would consider bait as well.

    Cheers, Spencer

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