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Thread: Box of 12-13 Panini Limited

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    Box of 12-13 Panini Limited

    A break and review of Panini Limited. I'm not sure if I hate the double rookie class or not, but with 100 rookie autographs, I'd like to see more veteran content in this product.
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    Yep and were stuck with that double rookie class for the rest of this nba season! Cant stand it that i still see tons of Josh Harrellson (just to name one) rookie autos (Knicks uniform) being pulled when he was traded by the Knicks to the Rockets last summer, cut by the Rockets last summer, and already cut by the Heat again this month. Its just pointless and annoying that were stuck with all these scrubs that are not even in the NBA anymore.
    Thats probably also the main reason i have only bought singles so far this season.
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    I agree with Big AL, Singles for me as well. I was at my LCS and the owner said when I asked him about this problem and he said Panini's response is look at Jermery Lin. He wasn't included in all of the rc auto sets by Panini. The store owner isn't a fan of the normal 50 players the release either. He gets to sit in on meetings and has asked why not more bigger names than Brent Berry and Steve Kerr who Panini is excited to have in their past and present product (becasue they don't sign that much and for good reason)

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    Lin was my reasoning as well. Problem is, he's going to be just another good point guard, not the legend the speculators were wanting, and most of these other guys aren't even going to be half the player he is.

    Panini is just capitalizing on the average person's silly penchant for the new and exciting over deeper thought and reality.
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