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    07/08 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Half Case Break - Team Draft - Friday, June 28th

    07/08 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Half Case Break - Mid #11
    When: Friday, June 28, 2013 @ 7:00pm EDT
    $32.00/spot, 30 spots available
    Type: Team Draft
    Free Spots: 2 to the next Mid for the least fortunate breakers (lowest hit count)
    Where to Watch: OR

    Boxes to be broken:
    • 07/08 UD Sweet Shot 1/2 Case (10 tins in total)

    Purchase spots via Paypal Buy Now Button at:
    Or you can email me direct at:

    ** All Spots Sold Through RYDLAR99.COM unless otherwise noted**

    Available Spots:

    1. Blues00 (free spot winner from the last Mini TBD LIVE before the break!)
    2. oilfan69
    3. shifty_capone16
    4. chapdog24
    5. nickiwanyshyn
    6. detroitdon1
    7. shifty_capone16
    8. tripp
    9. gcpmarc
    10. highhopes
    11. shocker121844
    12. chapdog24
    13. oilfan69
    14. ninjakyrre
    15. tripp
    16. slapshot
    17. 91redwings19
    18. 91redwings19
    19. 91redwings19
    20. 91redwings19
    21. 91redwings19
    22. acracingcollectibles
    23. bucksfan1983
    24. acracingcollectibles
    25. nickiwanyshyn
    26. odiecod
    27. bigreggieb
    28. chapdog24
    29. Blues00
    30. nickiwanyshyn (free spot winner from the last Mini TBD LIVE before the break!)

    Team Draft Style Breaks

    For the randomization process participants will be randomized 5 times from their starting spot positions. The draft order will be determined this with the person at the top getting first choice, and the person at the bottom the last choice. Team trading will be allowed for 5 minutes. Both parties involved must message me the trade by that time for it to be approved.

    General Break Information & Break Rules:

    As always, thank you for participating in my breaks!

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    Only 7 spots left in this one! Set to go tonight!

    If it sells out fast, I'll be offering the second 1/2 of the case at a reduced price ONLY for those who bought into the first half.
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    Here is the order following the draft on June 28:

    shifty_capone16: Montreal
    91redwings19: Edmonton
    91redwings19: Boston
    chapdog24: Pittsburgh
    91redwings19: Philadelphia
    91redwings19: Detroit
    oilfan69: Chicago
    91redwings19: Colorado
    nickiwanyshyn: Toronto
    nickiwanyshyn: Washington
    odiecod: New York Rangers
    nickiwanyshyn: Ottawa
    acracingcollectibles: Anaheim
    tripp: Los Angeles
    shocker121844: New Jersey
    Blues00: St Louis
    Blues00: San Jose
    highhopes: Vancouver
    tripp: Winnipeg
    oilfan69: Buffalo
    bucksfan1983: Columbus
    acracingcollectibles: Carolina
    detroitdon1: New York Islanders
    chapdog24: Tampa
    bigreggieb: Calgary
    gcpmarc: Dallas
    ninjakyrre: Nashville
    shifty_capone16: Minnesota
    slapshot: Florida
    chapdog24: Phoenix

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    And here are the results!

    The second half of the case was also opened, and the results can be found at:

    Thank you to all who participated in the break! The next break is Wednesday, July 3rd!

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