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    16 Box Master Case > 12-13 SP GAME USED

    Well did a 16 box master case tonight of 12-13 SP GAME USED


    Scanned Box per box as i went, so here we are >>

    ENJOY :beer:

    Box # 1

    Box # 2

    Box # 3

    Box # 4

    Box # 5

    Box # 6

    Box # 7

    Box # 8

    Box # 9

    Box # 10

    Box # 11

    Box #12

    *** the bonus soft sleeve was behind the Kreider *** :yess:

    Box #13

    Box # 14

    Box # 15

    Box # 16

    *** Redemption came from the very last pack i opened ****

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    like those net cards. Nice Pat La.
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    Your case is loaded!!!
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    Nice Supreme Skate
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
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    some of the boxes are pretty neat, like the one with three dual Team Canada jerseys and Baertschi, well done overall!

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    Some really nice Lettermark hits and especially nice Supreme Skates of Bergy. Must have been a blast!!

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    Nice. Though, i'm not sure why some of these replies think that Bergeron is a skate. How many skates have you seen with that color? Not to mention, it says "Supreme Patches". Just annoyed me.
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    thanks for all the great comments, it was a fun break:) there were a few boxes that made go ummm wow, like 3 dual team Jersey in 1 box and the funny one was a free soft sleeve with the Krieder letter marks lol

    Still got lots available, so feel free to make some offers :)

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