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    Opinions wanted: Should I send these for grading?

    I just purchased this 1964-65 Topps Tim Horton Tall Boy. It has yet to arrive, but the seller said there are no creases, the centering is almost perfect, and the corners and edges look pretty good.

    It will be tucked away in the PC but want to have it graded if the cost will bring extra value in case I ever want to liquidate the collection.

    A PSA 8 copy of the Horton just sold for $800. How close is it to an 8? I don't think it would be worth it if they grade less than a 7.

    Does anybody know of any group submissions to PSA? I may sign up for a membership myself if I can't hook up with a group.

    Opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Image is not showing but still hard to grade from a image vintage card since you can't see everything first hand like scratch and even small crease may not show, edge issue may not show as well. Also you would need High res scan of both side if you want a opinion. I would wait until you receive it, make 300 DPI scan and post them here front and back.
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    Definitely wait and take lots of close ups, between all of us here on SCF we will come up with a good idea on if its worth grading

    I also have a very nice Tim Horton Ive been debating grading, late 60s, think is mint but just a little off center

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    Yeah I know you can't know until it's in hand but it's always fun and exciting to speculate. When it comes in I will post up a bunch of scans, I find I get very biased on my own cards so the SCF community is a valuable asset for unbiased opinions.

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    Just received the Horton, very small crease, won't send for grading. Here are the scans anyway. Nice card nonetheless.

    Also got this 1967-68 Brian Conacher Topps RC in. Nice centring as well but minor corner wear and a bit of surface staining. Nice card though for being 45 years old.

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