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Thread: 2012 Topps Strata box break

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    2012 Topps Strata box break

    Broke a box of Strata, here are the hits:

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    I like the Ballard and Wilson! Decent pack.

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    Hey Jacob!! I Could REALLY Use That Ballard For My Colts PC. I Have This Card Ya May Be Able To Use But Gonna Need A Bit More For It Than the Ballard. LOL My Scanner Is Down So Don't Have A Pic But The Card Is In GREAT Shape & It's Really A BEAUTY!!!!

    '12 Topps Finest Refractor 3 Clr Patch (Piece Of The Sun/ Green/Orange/White)/ Auto Ser#0639/1353
    #RAP-ME Michael Egnew

    Thanks, John

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