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Thread: 2012 Crown Royale for CC

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    2012 Crown Royale for CC

    I'm going to try to list all that i have and how much CC per card--if the card doesn't have an amount out beside it, look at the heading and it will be there. Will also post a lot price next to each team name. I have dupes of a lot of these so just because someone has a request doesn't mean i don't have another. I will delete as soon as deals are made. If you don't see your team or player i either don't have it or it has been sold! Will make even better deals for larger lots! Thanks for looking!!!! Shipping is 100CC PWE (1-4 cards) or 350CC bubble mailer.

    Rookie Cards (100CC each)
    Chris Rainey (Steelers)--SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
    Jeff Fuller (Dolphins)
    Olivier Vernon (Dolphins)
    Keshawn Martin (Houston)
    Josh Gordon (Brown)--PENDING PENDING PENDING

    Gold Crown Die Cuts
    Laurent Robinson (Jaguars) 250CC
    Early Doucet III (Cardinals) 250CC
    Vernon Davis (49ers) 350CC

    Field Force
    Ed Reed (Ravens) 300CC
    Jon Beason (Panthers) 200CC

    Majestic Motion
    C.J. Spiller (Bills) 400CC
    Steve Smith (Panthers) 350CC

    NFL Regime
    Vincent Jackson (Bucs) 200CC
    Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) 400CC

    Pivotal Players
    Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) 400CC--SOLD SOLD SOLD
    Tony Gonzalez (Falcons) 400CC

    Packers (350CC)
    Aaron Rodgers 200CC
    Charles Woodson 100CC
    Jermichael Finley 100CC

    Bucs (100CC)
    Josh Freeman 100CC
    Dallas Clark 50CC

    Redskins (125CC)
    Pierre Garcon 50CC
    Roy Helu Jr. 50CC
    Santana Moss 50CC

    Eagles (100CC)
    Jeremy Maclin 75CC
    Brent Celek 50CC

    Raiders (75CC)
    Denarius Moore 50CC--SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
    Carson Palmer 50CC
    Darrius Heyward-Bey 50CC

    Chargers (150CC)
    Robert Meachem 50CC--SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
    Ryan Matthews 100CC
    Philip Rivers 100CC

    Falcons (550CC)
    Tony Gonzalez 125CC
    Roddy White 150CC
    Matt Ryan 200CC
    Michael Turner 150CC

    Bengals (250CC)
    Andy Dalton 150CC
    A.J. Green 150CC

    Broncos (600CC)
    Von Miller 150CC
    Demaryius Thomas 125CC
    Eric Decker 125CC
    Peyton Manning 200CC
    Willis McGahee 100CC

    Seahawks (325CC)
    Sidney Rice 75CC
    Golden Tate 75CC
    Marshawn Lynch 200CC
    Matt Flynn 50CC

    Chiefs (150CC)
    Tamba Hali 50CC
    Peyton Hillis 50CC
    Jamaal Charles 100CC

    Colts (300CC)
    Delone Carter 50CC
    Donald Brown 100CC
    Reggie Wayne 150CC
    Austin Collie 50CC

    Bears (300CC)
    Brandon Marshall 200CC
    Julius Peppers 75CC
    Devin Hester 75CC

    Browns (250CC)
    Mohamed Massaquoi 75CC
    D'Qwell Jackson 50CC
    Josh Cribbs 75CC
    Greg Little 100CC

    Victor Cruz 200CC
    Hakeem Nicks 200CC
    Eli Manning 200CC
    Ahmad Bradshaw 200CC

    Jags (200CC)
    Blaine Gabbert 125CC
    Laurent Robinson 50CC
    Mercedes Lewis 50CC

    Patriots (500CC)
    Tom Brady 200CC
    Wes Welker 150CC
    Rob Gronkowski 200CC

    Saints (250CC)
    Jimmy Graham 200CC
    Mark Ingram 100CC

    Shonn Greene 100CC
    Santonio Holmes 100CC
    Mark Sanchez 100CC

    49ers (300CC)
    Randy Moss 200CC
    Vernon Davis 200CC

    Titans (N/A)
    Chris Johnson 200CC

    Lions (N/A)
    Calvin Johnson Jr. 200CC

    Rams (100CC)
    Steve Smith 75CC
    Lance Kendricks 75CC

    Texans (N/A)
    Matt Schaub 200CC

    Cardinals (N/A)
    Larry Fitzgerald 200CC

    Bills (500CC)
    Steve Johnson 100CC
    Mario Williams 50CC
    C.J. Spiller 200CC
    Ryan Fitzpatrick 100CC
    Fred Jackson 150CC

    Vikings (375CC)
    Percy Harvin 150CC
    Christian Ponder 150CC
    Toby Gerhart 100CC
    Jared Allen 50CC

    Panthers (600CC)
    Steve Smith 150CC
    Cam Newton 200CC
    Brandon Lafell 125CC
    DeAngelo Williams 125CC
    Greg Olsen 100CC

    Steelers (150CC)---LOT SOLD LOT SOLD LOT SOLD
    Mike Wallace 75CC
    Isaac Redman 50CC
    Antonio Brown 50CC

    Ravens (500CC)
    Ray Rice 200CC
    Anquan Boldin 150CC
    Joe Flacco 200CC

    Dolphins (450CC)
    Karlos Dansby 50CC
    Daniel Thomas 100CC
    Reggie Bush 150CC
    Davone Bess 100CC
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    Quote Originally Posted by swampstyle View Post
    Gotcha mad man. Will get it posted and out tomorrow!

    Palantri...I have tons of cards i can do for cc. any particular teams or players oe sports?
    id be interested in any of the following
    Finest refractors from any sport from the early-mid 90s
    Sage Rosenfels stuff
    anything pre 1975 in any sport
    other 90s inserts, any sport, depending on what youve got

    PM might be better, but if you want to post here, Ill definately take a look!
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    I'll take the Giants & Jets lots for 900 CC. Holla.
    "You can't have an oversight committee on stupidity!"--Woody Paige, "Around the Horn", 2/11/08

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    sorry guys...i was sick yesterday and didn't get on...working on getting everything posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampstyle View Post
    Anyone else?????
    Ever find any 90s stuff for me from my 20cc per 90s insert card thread?

    If not, might as well just post up the Gordon RC
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    i'll take these, if they are still available.
    Laurent Robinson (Jaguars) 250CC
    Early Doucet III (Cardinals) 250CC
    Vernon Davis (49ers) 350CC

    pwe please.

    Post if up if you wanna make the trade.


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