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    A good 1990's set to put together...any ideas?

    Hey guys, what would be a good 90s set or insert set to put together. Can be jersey, auto or just a plain regular set. Something that looks nice and isnít expensive to put together.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Topps Gold Label has always been a fantastic looking set, the base and inserts

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    I don't think you'll find a 90s jersey set that isn't expensive. Maybe something in the really late 90s.... but UD only started with Game Jersey cards in 96 or 97 (can't remember) and they were very hard to get for several years.

    Autos - you could do any BAP set from the 1990s, and pick up most the cards on the cheap. You'd get a large auto set where many cards can be had for $1, and certainly most the set would sell for under $5 per card. There would be a few SPs though... and they'd be expensive.
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    1994-95 Leaf.

    Those Gold Stars are fun to put together

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    Decades The 90's.

    Will be released this March.

    Brian Price

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    Leaf Preferred Steel

    This would be a challenge to put together, not many cases made, most cards in collections already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bprice View Post
    Decades The 90's.

    Will be released this March.

    Brian Price
    Any chance this will be ready in time for "The Big One" in Vancouver?
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    My favourite looking set from the 90s was 96 or 97 SPx (Finite) Radiance. 97 Revolution's a pretty cool spazzy set. I have no idea in terms of what has good inserts, I just go by looks. This thread has some suggestions to help you out:

    Good base sets from the 90s:

    I'm quoting this post I did from that thread containing some of the better suggestions:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sportfreund View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions, ordering some of these from COMC hopefully once I can get how shipping works there figured out.

    Here's a summed up list of the suggestions I have so far and what they look like:
    2003-04 McDonald's Pacific Atomic (and 01/02):

    2003/04 Pacific Private Stock

    2002/03 Pacific Private Stock

    2002-03 Topps Chrome (and 01/02)

    2001-02 Upper Deck

    2000-01 topps gold label

    1999-00 dynagon ice

    1999-00 HoloGRFX

    1998-99 SPX Finite Radiance (I love this one, I haven't seen it in real life but seems to resemble the 10/11 Dominion base card for the front)

    1998-99 aurora laser cuts

    1998-99 Revolution

    1997-98 Donruss preferred

    1997-98 pinnacle certified

    1997-98 Leaf International/Leaf International Universal

    1996-97 SPx

    1996-97 metal universe

    1996-97 Canadian Ice

    1995-96 Pinnacle

    1995-96 Bowman's Best Refractors

    1994-95 Ultra (the front of this card is average but I like the back so I'll post that):

    1994-95 Select

    1994-95 Parkhurst Vintage SE

    94/95 Leaf Limited

    94-95 Donruss

    93/94 Leaf

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    98-99 was SPx Finite

    96-97 SPx had the holoviews that were cool.

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    96-97 Stacking the pads:

    97--98 Stacking the pads:


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