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    1 tna xtreme break and 1 reflexxions break

    reflexxions box was numbered 0022/2400

    crimson parallel /40
    jesse s. parallel /40
    hardy art /40
    odb auto /99
    magnus auto /99
    aries/cash dual /99
    tess/tara dual blue relic 1/25

    something strange...almost every one of the sn cards, the first number was in the 30s.

    xtreme box was numbered 0007/2400

    hardy art
    hardy obak
    kaz parallel /40
    generation me dual relic /50 (lot of colors!)
    brian kendrick auto /99
    taz/tenay dual auto red 2/5
    tenay printing plate black 1/1

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    Want to sell that dual of taz and tenay?
    I super collect Larry Walker, Blair White, Tommy Dreamer and MSU one of ones
    I do not ask or use paypal gift. Please do not ask for it as I will not use it.
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    Would you trade for printing plate, what's your want list?

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