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    Racing collectors/fans

    As some of you know Brad Keselowski has decided to quit signing trading cards [certified pack pulled autographs] Also I have found out this going to apply to diecast also.

    There are a couple of theorys about why he has decided to do this but it is his decision.

    We as collectors of any driver need to find a way to convince him to change his mind back.

    A driver of his caliber and popularity making this decision could influence other drivers to go the same route. Remember when it was just one driver that had decided not to sign TTM. now most of the top drivers tend not to, along with some middle tier drivers.

    Also for those fans that are not able to make it to the races or any personal appearances this is the only way for some to collect his autographs.

    What I am suggesting is for everyone that is on twitter to drop him a note and say Please come back and sign the certified autographs.

    He is real partial to veterans so if you are veteran please mention this also plus the kids/new fans.

    If your on twitter his handle is @keselowski

    Press Pass isnt getting rich off of him, collectors are not getting rich of him. This is about whats best for our hobby. Remember how many years bill elliott didnt sign.

    I will post on the board also, for those that are not on twitter and even if you are. I am going to write a letter to him and mail it. Also going to send my concerns to miller and let them know how its great for the fans

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    You sure he decided? Or did Press Pass decide? If it was my company, I wouldn't wanna renew any contracts with him after the autopen BS.

    BTW, he hasn't TTM'ed in a while anyways. He's been auto-penning TTM's for at least half a year now.

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    Yes it was his decision and is supposed to also effect diecast which has nothing to do with press pass. Even with the autopen crap, its in press pass best interest to have him in product.

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    No it isn't. That autopen crap cost them a huge PR headache AND tons of product that they had to give away for free just to not have mad customers.

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    either way it looks bad on Brad's part. Being the champion not having autos in the product is kind of not good. Everyone will have their own opinions on this.

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    Thats what being a champion is all about, doing what you want even if it means screwing the fans.

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    I'd say screw him. If he wants robe a and not sign for Press Pass and for his collectors then do away with him. Press Pass still has 4x champ Gordon, 5x champ Johnson, 2x champ Stewart, and what 11x or 12x most popular driver Earnhardt Jr. I don't see why these top tier guys don't sign TTM. Earnhardt Sr. was NASCAR in his day and he signed every TTM that came to him, which I'm sure was a ton.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nadeau01_johnson48 View Post
    No it isn't. That autopen crap cost them a huge PR headache AND tons of product that they had to give away for free just to not have mad customers.
    The headache aside they realize that their product is better with him in it. racing isnt like the other sports and there are only so many drivers to collect in the first place. When you lose one its a big percentage.

    I do not agree with what he did or is doing but I have friends who collect him and i would hope they would help me try to get pearson back if he changed his mind about signing. ' I DO WISH HE WOULD QUIT SIGNING 1/1S LOL

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