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    HOLY JUMPIN! Great mailday including one for the vintage junkies! OPINIONS NEEDED!!!

    3 in over the last couple of days...all are PC.

    At #3:

    He actually used to go to my barber shop haha!

    At #2:

    Seabrook memorabilia is somewhat hard to come by...a nice pickup for sure.

    And at #1...

    For all of you vintage junkies out there...

    This is tied for the oldest card in my collection...

    It shares a spot with his 33-34 OPC RC...

    My great great uncle!!! (or maybe great great great...I don't know haha)

    So now question time. I want to send this in to PSA for grading since my OPC RC is graded by them. What do you guys think this would grade at?

    Thanks for the look!

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    Nice mail day. Glad you got the seabrook! Feel free to complete the trade and lmk if you wanna make another!

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    Bahahahaaaaaaa, what the heck did Darren Pang get done at the barbershop????? I take care of my sad condition with a Bic razor in the shower myself...........

    The paper damage on the back is what's gonna kill you on the McVeigh card, it's still worth grading tho, matching slabs to display and all......
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    Which is why I said USED to Ed! Hahahahaha I think it was a long time ago, like 10-15 years ago. And yes, I want it graded to match the other as well as for the protection, especially since it is not a normal-sized card.

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    Awesome McVeigh OPC, it would not be a bad idea to get it graded.
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    I had a bseball card with similar wear and markings.Just going by your scan like 4 or 5 at best
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