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    1 PACK WONDERS !!!!!! DETROIT FANS you might want to get a change of pants !!

    well I got to the city today and decided to go to the shop. ended up leaving with a boat load of wax. Now I cant believe what I pulled today. If your a wings fan you will go crazy !!! I dont know what I will do with it yet but for the right offer it is up for sale or maybe trade.

    Here is a breakdown of what I bought :

    2 packs 12-13 SPGU

    20 packs 12-13 black diamond

    12 packs 12-13 uds1

    2 packs 11-12 score

    2 packs 10-11 donruss

    2 packs 11-12 elite

    2 packs 12-13 opc

    here is the damage ( Might I say was a fun break !! )

    not bad but now the reason for the title. I couldnt believe it

    8/9 !!!!!!!! EVERYTHING YOU SEE is for sale and maybe for trade !!!!! THANKS FOR LOOKING !!!!!!! Serious offers on the 5s Patch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    PM me on the nuge/hall insert and the ryan smyth elite aspirations if available FT :)


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    Awesome Authentic Fabrics pull for just breaking 2 packs, plus you've got a good set of names from your other packs. Congrats!

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