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Thread: T'eo fake girlfriend

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    T'eo fake girlfriend

    You guys should read this atricle, and I had to copy a post on the comments that sums it all up! LOL hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Pretty interesting stuff here...

    - Lennay Kekua died when she was 22
    - She graduated from Stanford. She worked at Clark's Construction Company and replaced her dad after her dad passed away in October
    - She traveled all around. She taught at elementary schools. She flew to New Zealand to just work with kids

    So apparently Kekua held a position with a company which was previously being held by a 50 something executive (I am assuming her dad "passed away" in his 50s) and that too when she was fresh out of school, she taught in elementary schools - not a school but schools and she also worked with kids in New Zealand in her spare time! All this by the time she was 22!!! Now I know who she was. Doogie Howser!!!

    But even more jaw-dropping is the love Manti displayed for his girl friend by managing to stay away and not even visting even when...
    - his gf had a serious car crash
    - his gf was diagnosed with a life threatening disease (leukemia) and most probably had a short time to live
    - his gf flatlined not once but twice!!!
    - his gf's dad passed away

    I sure do hope nobody ever "loves" me the way Manti apparently loved his girl friend :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LancerArmstrong View Post
    I literally laughed out loud when I saw this lol.

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    New Developments Today! LOL! If I were a GM I wouldn't go near this guy, Straight Nutcase!
    Always looking for autos of Giants stars and Hall of Famers!

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    lancer delete some of your pms so i can send you one lol
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