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    looking to buy 2012 ud fb High #'s

    I need 17 to complete my set and i am willing to pay 20 for commons and a lot more for stars. The Russell Wilson that just closed at $80 was purchased by me. I wanted to mention that to show i am serious. Please respond if you have any and i will send my list of 17. Thanks in advance.

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    I know a guy that I believe still has a ton of the high #'s
    send me a PM if you are interested and I will connect you with him hes a good friend of mine that I see at shows
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    Shoot me your list when you have time as well.


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    Send me your list, this is the college uni edition correct? I have half a grocery bag full of these.

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    Thanks the numbers i need are 248,258,264,266,276,277,280,281,285,288,290,293,29 4,295 and 297.
    Thanks again for the response and i will buy all from the list that you have.

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    OK. I will take a look when I get home and let you know.

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    Anyone else have any? minimum $20 per card and up

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