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    Quote Originally Posted by mlkman View Post
    monk auto
    griffin gu

    I like:
    colin kaepernick auto
    Gronkowski spa patch auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattleegee View Post
    nice break

    Thats what I thought!
    Thanks alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by debgram View Post
    what's the bv on those 2 I like.

    The Hill is $60, I'll trade you that for the Luck and RG3
    Its areal good offer but I would like to say what else is out there.

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    Pm sent to you
    J Stewart D Dixon P Chung E Dickson TJ Ward L James K Barner K Alonso D Jordan K Long J Huff De'A Thomas I Ekpre Olomu A Armstead B Marshall B Addison V Adams Buckner P Brown

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    Quote Originally Posted by #1duckscollector View Post
    Pm sent to you

    Pm replied

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    Quote Originally Posted by cccupps420 View Post
    great break!

    Thank you!

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    Cmb please on the lamichael patch & cj 1/1

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