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    Michael Jordan 1999 SPx Winning Materials 8/23

    For the best card that I can get. Post you card that you want to offer, not looking for anything in particular. With that being said don't ask me to look at buckets please.

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    Value is in the header
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    PM me a value. I have two cases of highend basketball sitting here begging to be busted/traded.
    2011-12 SP Authentic Hobby 12 Box Case
    2011-12 Panini Past & Present Hobby 12 Box Case
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    I trade by Sell Value. Book value is ancient history.
    My PC NFT section is just that. They are cards that I have that I value and have sought after to get. Let's Trade!Hidden Content

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    You are interested to trade down for some DRose rc´s?

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    I'm VERY interested in the card. Are you only looking for BKB or other sports as well? I have a ton of high end in my link below that I thought you might be interested in. For the right price, I could buy it outright. PM ME if you could. Thanks. -Ken
    My High End (player folders to the side): Hidden Content

    Wants:P.Manning/Luck/M.Cabrera/Pujols/Kris Bryant/Trout/Lebron/MJ/Kobe, Denver Teams & HOF HIGH END.

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    Couldn't find anything for trade that I wanted so BUMP considering cash

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