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    McFarlane's, among other sports items, for sale

    Looking to sell the items pictured on the following link. All prices are OBO, but do not include shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffaloesbest View Post
    Not everyone has facebook...
    What are you looking for Buffaloesbest?
    I'll check for ya or is it Only collect Eric Moulds and Dominik you stated.
    Didn't see anything of those two.
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    I also do not have facebook. I am looking for NFL with prices.

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    Hazmat... I have facebook and I seen what was there. I just know that not everyone has facebook. I believe that there's nothing better than making a list. Just stating the facts...

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    I've tried the list route multiple times with no headway - figured pictures might garner a different response, or at least the attempt wouldn't hurt :)

    rowley - I have a Joe Namath SLU, 2 different 3" 2-pack McFarlanes (Favre/Brady, Holmes/Harrison), Adrian Peterson 3", David Carr bobblehead, and a Daunte Culpepper mini figure - all brand new. LMK if interested in them and I can give you prices and/or pictures if you have an email I could send them to. Also have a few non-figure items - AZ Cardinals shirt, Randy Moss beanie baby-like bears.

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