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Thread: wrestling cards for trade

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    Wwe/tna autos/relics/inserts/base for trade large lot!

    FOR SALE TO! hello today i have some cards for trade let me know if you are interested and want any pictures. thanks

    wwe ultimate rivals stevie richards autograph

    wwe ultimate rivals john morrison autograph

    wwe ultimate rivals ringside relics mr kennedy 2 color relic

    wwe topps 2012 brock lesnar gold bordered x2

    wrestlemania 27 big show mat relic

    topps 2012 big show green relic

    Jack swagger gold bordered.
    Bunch of extra base cards from different sets

    Sliver bordered Cody Rhodes /999

    Silver bordered Akeem /999

    Extra diva class of 2012 topps 2012

    Extra hall of fame inserts topps 2012

    Extra ppv inserts topps 2012

    Wwf the ultimate diva collection 2003 ivory ring accessories redemption card (EXPIRED)

    Platinum kofi Kingston green /499

    Extra first class champions cards topps 2012

    Blue bordered cards topps 2012

    Bunch of inserts to different brands of cards

    Topps 2012 ton of extra base
    Punks choices inserts topps 2012

    Gold bordered Michael McGillicutty topps 2012

    Natalya authentic shirt relic topps 2012

    Wwe ultimate rivals motion cards

    Big boss man A&G GONE

    Wwe ultimate rivals tons of extra base

    Wwe heritage extra base

    Raw deal trading cards play against people tons of those

    Tna new era hulk hogan /900

    Chris masters black bordered /999

    Layla black bordered /999

    Bob orton black bordered /999

    Conor o' Brian black bordered /999

    Obak mini hulk hogan

    2008 A&G mini jeff hardy

    Kurt angle tna new era 2010 authentic memorabilia /199
    R truth 2010 platinum relic green /399
    2008 TNAutographs aj styles

    Blue borders

    Base whatever you need I might have that set

    2008 tnautographs aj styles

    Power chipz

    Kevin Nash tnautographs /50

    2012 Natalya relic

    Jack swagger printing plate black 1/1

    Randy orton wrestlemania 28 mat relic
    Booker t wrestlemania 28 mat relic GONE

    Sheamus wrestlemania 28 mat relic GONE
    Red bordered trish stratus wwe 2012 heritage

    Jack swagger plate 1/1

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    Anybody today?
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    Just sent you a PM with a full list request for one set. Thanks

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