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    Which year of The Cup would you get if you were to buy one box? A mini-case?

    For those of you who may have deep pockets and have experience collecting high-end merchandise (or just those of you who dream about it), I have a question. Which year of The Cup would you purchase, and what is your explanation for this decision? I'd be interested in hearing responses if it were for a single box as well as for a 3 box mini-case.

    Personally, I can understand the rationale behind going for the 05-06 product vs 11-12 - the potential to pull the bigger hits. On the other hand, there's the distinct possibility of spending $800 and breaking a dud. The potential of your major pulls being Ryan Hollweg (whom I like but I'd rather get a Lundqvist) and Brett Lebda seems akin to going to Vegas instead of putting your money in an IRA. It's not about making my money back that bugs me. It's about most effectively using your money to obtain the cards you want, either by the unlikely event of pulling the cards you want, or by getting the best trade bait for the money and risk. i guess I'm trying to rationalize which is the better approach - conservative or aggressive.

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    One thing which would scare me to consider busting high end old product .... expired redemptions.
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    Risk to reward factor, I'd go for 2010-11 any day. It was an awesome rookie year:

    - Taylor Hall
    - Tyler Seguin
    - Jordan Eberle
    - Jeff Skinner
    - PK Subban
    - Brayden Schenn

    As far as I know the redemptions are also still valid.
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    I have to agree with Cardcardscards. Although I do not have experience with busting high-end, I do know my stuff and the potential in the cup 10-11 is endless.
    You get the key hits such as:
    Personally, I think some of those rookies (Eberle and Seguin) may be selling at their most right now. If you hit even one of those rookies, I'm sure you could make a lucky penny out of it. It would be fun to open and the variety is great. Not only can you go for rookies but some awesome legends too!
    lmk if this helped and good luck making your decision.

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    07- 08

    toews, kane, price, lucic , raask, halak, elliott, krejci
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    I'd go 10-11 as well..that was a strong rookie crop for $350 per tin..I bet the 05-06 is way more I noticed last year, that If u dont hit a good rookie then your tin will be a bust...but if u don't hit a good rookie in 10-11, then there'll be other cards to make up for it

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    If I could get only one and it were without financial consequence I'd have a tough time going between 05-06 and 07-08.

    05-06 is an obvious choice given the depth of the rookie class and the chance to land one of the two biggest cards of the modern era. Also, Gorges printing plates! haha

    07-08 for the opportunity to pull a Price RC.
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    Thank you guys for all your feedback! I was leaning towards the 10-11 and I'm feeling a little more confident that it is the right choice for me at this time. I ultimately agree with RGM81 and *if* I could afford to drop a little over $800 for 5 cards of 05-06 without worrying about having to worry about getting some of it back, I would do it. I also noticed the same tendency of the 05-06 boxes being busts if they didn't yield big hit RCs. There were a couple of pretty unhappy collectors that actually had a couple CASES of 05-06 that were relative busts. The 07-08 boxes are over $200 more vs 10-11, plus the potential of an expired redemption card could really dampen the day. I have two empty tins of The Cup from 05-06, back in the days when I had much more expendable income and they "only" cost about $400/box...Amazingly, I don't even recall what I pulled or what I ended up trading/selling them for.

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    I'd go 10/11 if it was my money. That's the only version of Cup that I can remember with a loaded rookie crop that delivered consistently.

    Obviously, if I had the choice though of a gift one, 2005/06 all the way. Maybe I can get a Petr Prucha like that one. Actually, now that I think about it 2008/09. Me wants Schneider.

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    Perhaps you're referring to me when you reference someone who cracked a couple of 05/06 Cup cases w/o much found in either one. There were two such cases that I opened and neither had case hits. On the other hand, I opened over 20 cases (25?...I lost count at the end and after 20 cases) of 05/06 Cup and all the others had a big hit in them. A few had two really nice cards that could be considered case hits. So nothing is guaranteed but in general, there's a case hit in each case. I'm obviously partial to the 05/06 Cup, given its rookie crop and the fact that it was the first Cup hockey wax. I expect it'll be the most sought after Cup hockey set, as time goes on. The only problems were the flaked edging on many of the cards and the poor ink used to autograph most of the Limited Logos, both of which were "growing pains" for a new product...along with the black foamy that often accompanied the case hit pack, making it possible for people to weigh the boxes to find the case hit (the foam replaced a card). Thankfully, UD eliminated those problems in subsequent years.

    If you are going to pay good coin for 05/06 Cup, it's IMPERATIVE that you buy a factory sealed case from a reputable dealer. Rumour has it that some sophisticated/unscrupulous sellers obtained UD tape and then sealed the 05/06 Cup cases that they'd already searched...that's only a rumour. True or not, DO NOT buy single boxes of 05/06 Cup because of the case hit search problem.

    As well, I don't recommend you buy single boxes of ANY year of Cup, because you can easily be buying dead boxes (no case hit): someone cracked a sealed case and after finding the case hit, sold the remaining boxes as singles.

    Moving beyond the 05/06 Cup year, I don't have anything to add to what others have said about subsequent years and which ones to open. Some of that depends upon what player crop you prefer. If however you're a patient person, you could save your dough and wait for the 13/14 Cup product which by the sounds of it will likely be more loaded with rookies due to the recent strike. Best of luck with your decision.

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