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    WTTF: Galiardi, Gerbe, M.Brown, C.Orr, St.Louis & 11-12 YGs

    Title says it all, with us heading back home soon we've decided to pick up trading more, the fiance loves her Galiardi PC but is at the point where she can only buy higher end needs as she has all the lower end stuff so shes decided to pick up 2 of her favorite tough guys in Orr and Brown, she literally has 1 card between the two so we're looking for all including base. I love the small players so i'll be looking to add to my Gerbe PC and picked up St.louis. I don't have a specific wantlist atm so im looking for anything i dont have.

    The fiance has made herself some want lists so here they are

    TJ Galiardi Wants, Mike Brown Wants, Colton Orr Wants, 11-12 Young Gun Wants

    All my cards i have available atm are right here and here are all my YGs in this Link
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