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    snowed in-- want shot of these cards deals to be had

    Ryan Tannehill fanfare rc auto $10
    clinton portis prestige true colours patch—laundry tag—reebok $6
    sage rosenfels spa rc patch $4
    brian calhoun spa rc patch auto $3
    malcolm kelly national tresures auto patch 3 colour/99 $3
    brandon banks plates and patches rc auto $3
    adrian peterson national tresures college materials 2 colour patch $20
    terence newman spa rc patch 3 colour $5
    nick foles leaf valiant rc auto $10
    jordy nelson ud premier rc auto $12
    donte stallworth playoff contenders rc auto $4
    donte stallworth spa rc patch 3 colour $5
    matt leinart playoff contenders rc auto $5
    kyle rudolph topps inception rc auto $8
    justin blackmon leaf valiant rc auto $12
    vince young leaf phenoms rc auto patch $10
    rex grossman spa 3 colour rc patch $5
    dustin keller spx rc auto patch $4
    dez bryant classic rc auto $35
    alfred morris star rookie auto—rare $45

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    Ill take the Portis. Post it up I can't pay until tonight I'm at work on mobile phone

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    Mike! What's up buddy? Hope you're doing well! I'm snowed in too!

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    hi fellow ,yeah im cool thanks, as i got a bit of time i thought id try and raise a few pounds!! hows it with you?

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    whats up..u post some up for sale...then dont come back

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