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    Will McFarlane ever bring back the legends/Cooperstown series?

    Do y'all think McFarlane will ever bring these series back. I believe there is still a ton of players to be made for these lines. Especially since they are not made over and over like current stars. I need myu Derrick Thomas and Bruce Smith, ect.

    Did they do away with the lines due to low sales?

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    Low sales? I believe the Legends, Cooperstown and Throwbacks are the most popular figures. I hate the fact that they make multiples of players. I honestly stopped buying mcfarlanes because of the same ole players and same ole poses. All mcfarlanes that I have on display are old school players and the 12 inch of course, lol...

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    I pewrsaonally would love to see an annual Hall of Fame wave with thaty years inductees made every year. If not at retail I wouldnt mind a semi repaint wave on

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    McFarlane needs to get these going again, to many NFL greats to do and this one per year is just not cutting it for me.

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    I don't know why they stopped them but I always assumed they were the most popular ones. Maybe it is more difficult to acquire the rights for retired players than for active players?
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