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    My 12/13 artifacts paralells set ( always trying to upgrade it)

    I'm only missing 2 players to do the set 1-125, so I've decided to include the team canada + rookies to my set.

    Take a look at my project I've started a couple months ago:

    Made a lot of upgrades. and 10 cards incoming (fowler dual patch + tokarski /15, myers /24, rookies)
    Thanks a lot for the look, PM me if you have any artifacts to trade...

    P.S. : someone know how to organize pic in the album with the new photobucket?? I hate it so much.....
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    Very nice collection. I really like the parallels of this year's Artifacts (and the patches of last year's).

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    couples of upgrade done. Still waiting for a cam fowler dual patch /15, brodeur + doughty + ott jersey/patch /75, quick spectrum /25, and a couple of team canada emerald.

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    yea, i got 2 boxes for artifacts incomming, really sweet product this year. i love the kopitars :)

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    I have a Bourque /36 if you are interested.
    Looking for Kjell Dahlin and Joacim Eriksson .
    Also collecting Curtis McKenzie and all hard signed rookie cards of Bo Horvat.

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    PM returned, thanks a lot for the interest everyone. Couple of upgrades incoming.

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