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Thread: real or fake was it ever made

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    real or fake was it ever made

    Ever since the set was put out i never seen this card just looking to see wut others think also as i know there are plenty of set collectors lmk ur opinions
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    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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    I meet Ric Flair and that sig on that card doesnt look at all like the nice auto I got, I also dont recall him being in the set at all as far as an autograph .I think it is a phony. The wrestling card checklist site only has the following listed for autographs:

    AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPHS (1:36 Hobby Packs)
    ___ Chief Jay Strongbow
    ___ Christy Hemme
    ___ Hulk Hogan
    ___ Iron Sheik
    ___ Jerry "The King" Lawler
    ___ John Cena
    ___ Kane
    ___ Kurt Angle
    ___ Lita
    ___ "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
    ___ Sgt. Slaughter
    ___ Shawn Michaels
    ___ Stacy Keibler
    ___ Torrie Wilson
    ___ Trish Stratus

    AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPHS (1:473 Retail Packs)
    ___ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
    ___ Hillbilly Jim

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    I have collected this set and am only missing the heenan and hillbilly autos. The flair auto I havent ever seen before and I agree the sig looks bad.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the card was made and never signed by Flair, but that does not resemble any Flair signature I have ever seen. Also, on a related note, if anyone is looking to get rid of a Hogan auto from this set, let me know.

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    wow!!! if they are real what a lucky SOB that got them.....................although that signature does look pretty bad

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    The card and autograph is very suspicious to me. I wish there was a scan of the back side of it. Since I didn't buy any of this product in boxes except for singles was Ric Flair on the preliminary checklist or final list for autographs?
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    They do have pics of the back
    2017 WWE Women's Division
    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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    From what I understand as Flair wasn't included in the checklist he was advertised when the set was being released as having an autograph. I have never seen it though til here. That autograph however is very inconsistent. Ric's autographs look almost identical in every autograph he has, so for this one to look kinda half @ssed is odd to see. If its real though its a great score.

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    According to the info on the blowout website ric was a listed signer when the article was made

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