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    Biggest Single Mailday Ever - Gretzky, Mario & Gordie

    Scored my second Gretzky 1/1 auto ($500) this week and threw in a Mario 1/1 auto ($300) for good measure. Can never go wrong with these guys, money in the bank

    Grabbed this Howe 1/1 card ($271) too, if you havent seen them in person, they're amazing, nice job ITG. And a Superlative auto jersey ($60) to keep it company.

    Finally was able to put the 2001-2002 BAP nameplates set to bed today. After 11 some-odd years, grabbed the Lindros last week and Mario showed today. Totally overpaid ($90), but extremely satisfied. My criteria for the set was BGS 8.5 or better w. a multicolor swatch, mission accomplished!!

    .....and finally, never got around to scanning this, but still a decent card..Wayne Gretzky Famous Fabrics, Numerology 9/9, nice sweet card for 30 bucks

    So for the cost of a few boxes, or tins, I added some monster cards, its been a good week
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    Good Lord Amighty. Don't really know what else to say..........

    That might be the nicest Gretzky auto card I've ever seen................
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    I agree with everyone else here. Those AT Greats Sig cards have really nice penmanship. Add the fact that they're hard-signed and 1/1s of two of the best players ever to have played in the NHL, and you've got numinous cards.

    I don't think you overpaid much for the Lemieux card, IMHO. I know people that have paid many times over the bv and/or general public consensus of value when it comes down to obtaining that last card in order to finally complete a longstanding set. You're partially paying for your own satisfaction.

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    Yes I agree you didn't overpay for that last card. Worth it to complete the set! I know I have a couple sets needing just one card and would pay dearly for those last cards! All great cards!
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    For what All Time Greats cost, you did excellent grabbing those 1/1 autos.

    Amazing additions overall.
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