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Thread: Musicians, get in here!

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    Musicians, get in here!

    A thread to talk among those of use who make music! What instruments do you play? What type of music? What specific makes and models of your instruments do you like best?

    I do a little of everything. I'm the de facto musical director at my church. Drums are my best instrument, followed by guitar, piano, bass, trombone, harmonica, and singing. Never owned a drum set, but I play them decently.

    When it comes to guitars, I have four right now: a Samick Avion AV3 (basically a Les Paul copy), a Fender splatter Stratocaster, an Austin acoustic, and a Bently acoustic. The Bently is in an open D tuning right now. The strat has doubled in value since I got it (it's one of only 3,000 produced); I want to sell or trade it to get a '69 Telecaster Thinline. As for effects, my amp (Fender Princeton 65) and multi-effect (Digitech RP50) are sitting in storage in Ohio along with my bass and bass amp, but I do have a Vox wah pedal and a Danelectro 1-watt mini amp that I mess around with a bit. Started messing around with the harmonica as well. Can't play a whole lot on it, but once in a while I can pick something out (Piano Man, In The Garage, Mykel and Carli, Heart of Gold, etc.).

    Got a piano 4 years ago for free-- just had to haul it from the guy's house and move it to mine. Been playing it whenever I have time. C minor is my favorite key to mess around in. I can't play a whole lot off the top of my head, just November Rain and the piano coda to Layla.

    I'm mostly a rocker, though I play just about anything. I was an orchestral percussionist in high school, played in a punk and grunge influenced band in college.

    So what do the rest of you play?

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    Self-taught harmonica. Intermediate player. Began at age 6 played every day listening to Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee records in 1961,, then one day about 11 years later, I could actually play something. The minute I got decent at it, I dropped it. If I practice, it takes about a month to get up to speed.

    I play now about 1 hour per year. Same with the Tin Whistle. Got the hang of it, then dropped it. I played Congas and Bongos as a kid for years, now hammering around a bit on the drums, but with sticks I'm a bit useless, hands, a different story. I just need to practice on the drums. One of my old High School chums has been a Professional Drummer in Canada since 1976, and he's every bit as good as Neil Peart and was on TV for more than 15 years on a weekly music show.

    Now that I'm 56, I want to learn percussion techniques that I never had the chance to learn earlier in life.

    I cannot read a lick of music, everything is by ear.
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    I'm a novice guitar player. I mainly listen to Alternative rock and metal and its sub genres.
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    Started off learning piano from my aunt around 7 or 8
    Started taking drum lessons at 11. Stopped at 12.
    Started bass at 13 (self taught)
    Started guitar at 14 (self taught)
    Joined a band in 17. That lasted 4 months.
    Joined a band that actually recorded song and played shows when I was 24 or so. That lasted a year.
    Now I sit and write songs no one will ever hear.

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    I can read music, just not well since I haven't done it seriously in a while. And only for piano. I have to literally sit down and stare at it for a while to get it though. I can to treble clef with no problem, but bass always throws me off for a bit.

    I've also started teaching guitar-- my neighbor's 13 year old son wanted to learn so I'm teaching him, and I'm also going to start teaching another friend this week. He plays piano and keyboards and knows music well, wants to start his own recording studio, but really wants to learn guitar now.

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    Turntables here - not so much mixing as I prefer scratching and using sounds to mimic actual instruments in songs, using the table and mixer as an instrument in itself. Self-taught and doing it for 13 years, I prefer vestax turntables and a vestax pmc-06 mixer, although technics tables are considered the industry standard I prefer the vestax which are tougher imo...I love digging for old records at goodwills and thrift stores, and while I listen mostly to underground and old school hip hop, I appreciate all genres.

    My dad is a piano tuner and rebuilder but never taught us kids how to play, but we can all tear down and rebuild a piano no sweat, lol. Best times when we were younger was getting to destroy pianos that were not worth rebuilding, using whatever we could get our hands on, axes, sledge hammers, chainsaws, even M-80s! good times....

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