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    im interested in the nuge sott and shiefele stuff gimme a pm and check my bucket. i have some seguin and some other stuff

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    get going

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    Have this Seguin stuff FT LMK
    If you like anything.
    Maybe we can go from there.

    This could be a short print can't find anything on Beckett never seen one on ebay either.
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    Most wanted players and sets
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    You have a PM my friend!!!
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    PC Players:John Tavares & Bobby Orr

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    interested in the stamkos opee chee
    Looking for On card autos. Bowman Chrome, Ultimate Collection, SPA, etc. Collection:Hidden Content
    My Bucket is 95 percent auto rcs, Im sorry if i dont respond, i get busy and get sidetracked. Sometimes dont respond because I am not interested. Please dont say cmb when you dont have anything of similar value. Its really frustrating. Be realistic.

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