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Thread: Anyone remember this league???

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    Anyone remember this league???

    Not bad looking cards, especially the used football inserts.
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    yeah I like the event worn cards I saw the Rasham Salam jersey card and laughed. That league was horrible and by the looks of the cheerleader cards they couldnt even get good looking cheerleaders. Might have worked if there was a long term NFL lockout or if they encouraged mass steroid use and it became a blood bath.
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    I saw the title, and thought, man... there are going to be some XFL cards! Love them, especially the multicolored swatches!
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    I loved the idea of having your fastest player's running for the ball at the start of the game.

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    They started the floating endzone camera that the NFL uses this day. I really liked that.

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    I liked it. So many things made it cool. I have a few of the Auto of guys who i dont even think played in the XFL.

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    aaahhh yes... I remember the XFL. I never did truly get into the whole thing, but I did enjoy the games.

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