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Thread: Updated Patrick Roy Wantlist

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    Updated Patrick Roy Wantlist

    Looking for the following Patrick Roy cards. Some for me, some for a friend. PM or post here if you have and if it's for sale or for trade

    96-97 Select Certified Red
    96-97 Select Certified Blue
    96-97 Select Certified Artist's Proof
    96-97 Select Certified Mirror Blue
    96-97 Select Certified Mirror Gold
    96-97 Black Diamond Run for the Cup
    96-97 Leaf Sweaters home
    97-98 Black Diamond #41 Quad
    97-98 Black Diamond Premium Cut Quadruple Diamond Horizontal
    97-98 Totally Certified Gold /59
    97-98 Totally Certified Mirror Platinum Gold /25
    97-98 Upperdeck Game Dated Moments
    97-98 Upperdeck Game Jersey GJ1 Home
    97-98 Upperdeck Game Jersey GJ2 Away
    97-98 Upperdeck Game Jersey Auto/33
    2011-12 Panini Certified Totally Certified Black 1/1
    2011-12 Panini Prime Namesakes R,O,Y /25

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    I might have that mirror blue you are looking for. may take me awhile to find it

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