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    Exclamation Important Announcement from Jersey Coast Collectibles!

    Just wanted to make an important announcement. For those of you that have been reading my announcements page on the website I have been trying to keep everyone updated on my personal situation with my job, our recent damage from the hurricane and other problems. As of 1/18/2013 I officially lost my day job. I have been with the same company for 35 years and they finally closed the doors.

    I have the opportunity to stay on with the new company, but the type of work they do there I am not familiar with, and I am not sure that I am ready to make a career change at my age. I have until this Friday 1/25/2013 to give them a firm commitment. Right now I am leaning towards not staying on.

    On to the matter at hand. I have been contemplating discontinuing the free shipping for SCF members. As of right now it is the same, but it will be ending sometime before the end of the month. I will make another announcement.

    This is NOT a marketing ploy to make more sales. I just can not continue to cover the shipping costs it has gotten extremely expensive.

    Here is where I need everyones input. I still want to give everyone a discount.

    I am thinking of still offering free shipping, but I want to set a minimum price on the order. What does everyone think would be a fair minimum amount? $10, $15, $20, $25 etc.

    The shipping costs under the minimum will be "actual" prices. I do not "pad" shipping costs like they do on fleabay. If you purchase one card the shipping price is $1.95 just like you would pay at the post office.

    I would appreciate anyones input on this matter, and I sincerely apologize to have to make these drastic changes, but our financial situation is forcing us to save as much as possible at the present time.

    Have a nice weekend

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    Ed terribly sorry to hear about your situation. We need to help and support our fellow collectors and "Mom and Pop" stores. I will do what I can as I am always in need of supplies and whatnot. In terms of a minimum, I think $20 is sufficient......I think anything lower would hurt your profit margin. It seems that most folks on the site are OK with spending that type of minimum for free shipping. Please let me and any other member of SCF know if there is anything we can do (within reason) to help.
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    Sorry to hear of this misfortune, totally stinks to have worked with the same company for that amount of time and them blamo, they close. IMO if you are still going to offer free shipping I would make it a minimum purchase of at least $20 - $25. The last amount of top loaders etc I bought from you must have at least cost $5 plus so I can definitely see where te free shipping aspect can get expensive....

    If you need anything just give me a holler


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    Hope things start to look up. I have only dealt with you once, but it was a first rate experience!

    I think you should only do free shipping on purchases of $50 or more. That makes it a worthwhile purchase to get the free shipping.




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    I am sorry to hear about your job. I sure hope it looks up. To be honest, I think the free shipping should be $50 or more. I know the profit margins are not the best on supplies. Let me know if I can do anything to help you!

    Steve Morgan

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    Ed, sorry to hear about your job. I can see offering free shipping at $50 also.

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    Ed, I am truly sorry to hear about your job...I have had the same thing happen to me before and know it is tough when something like this happens...I could also see offering free shipping if someone spends $50...Ed

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    I completely agree with everyone about $50 being the mark on free shipping. Good luck with your job situation!

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    I think $50 minimum is a fair amount to spend before offering free shipping.
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    Sorry to hear about the job as well. I think $20 is good but then again I only buy supplies from your store. If you sold packs or boxes I'd say $50 or over for free shipping. Good luck on whatever decision you you make and thanks.
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