Been wanting to bust this since it came out, LCS got a box in and sold one pack, other one sat there for at least a month screaming my name.

Finally I caved in and bought it:
/989: Sam Bradford, Malcolm Floyd, Andy Dalton

/310: Matt Stafford, Andy Dalton (two in one pack?!?)

The "Hits":

Top Tier Wideouts:
Kendall Wright, AJ Jenkins, Brian Quick /36

Rookie auto/Jersey /75
Rueben Randle

None are for trade since I have to send them back to topps since all of them are damaged, yeah I buy a pack that expensive in a pack within a box and they are all damaged. I admit this post is a frustration post, but in $ value the two hits amount to about $5 as of the last two of the same cards selling that were not damaged. You all can imagine how thrilled I am with this rip...
thanks for reading my vent,
good luck with your breaks,