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Thread: Morning Skate IP Autographs

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    Cool Morning Skate IP Autographs

    i went to the arena today to get some autographs from the ducks and canucks

    i got 7 autos :)

    first off..Dale weise..this is like my fourth auto of him LOL kinda came out faded

    then Andrew Ebbett..he has a pretty cool lookin autograph

    former Canuck, Bryan Allen

    Cassie Campbell

    Kelly Hrudey

    Saku Koivu

    and my favourite..Bobby Ryan

    Bobby was super nice..the security guard wouldn't allow us to approach him, since the sidewalk was closed for construction, but Bobby was willing to approach us..he spent around 8 minutes, chatting with fans, signing autographs, posing for pictures, and even signing multiple autos for the same person (he signed 9 autos for one dude and like 7 autos for another guy LOL)

    next up is the Oilers tomorrow..will be very crowded.
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    for some pictures, you have to scroll sideways in order to see the full image

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    Those are some very cool pucks. You probably have quite a few! Nice to hear that Ryan is such a cool guy. One of the reasons I love hockey is that most of the players do not take the fans for granted, are they are genuinely nice that you can talk to. Good luck with the crowds tomorrow.

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    HECK YEA DUDE! WOO HOO! Hockey is on and bangin man! Congrats on the sick sigs dude! Go get them tomorrow man. Get the NUGE and dude if you get Nails auto I will pay you for it! I'm serious, Brad.

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    Nice Haul for a ip hunt. Good luck with the oilers.

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