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Thread: Nice cards f/t f/s!!

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    Nice cards f/t f/s!!

    Hey people, I have these cards for trade or for sale I am having a hard time scanning them in, so here is my photobucket and prices are there.
    Here is what I have for trade:
    Danilo Gallinari 1/5 Certified 09-10 Green
    Kenneth Faried Jersey, and Auto
    Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Erving RCS
    Andre Iguodala Auto
    Russell Westbrook Blue Border Bowman 48 /1948
    And more!
    So please check my photobucket to see them!
    Looking to trade for other Denver Nuggets Cards, Any Threads 12-13 RC ON Wood autos or just anything that catches my eye.
    If buying add 2$ to any package. Thanks!

    Cards FT FS Photos by Tylawson3 | Photobucket

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    Hey before I make a list how much is shipping to the UK?

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    $3.50 international thats how much it costs me sometimes more.

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    pls PM me your best price dlvd for Gallinari certified green

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    ill take a number on the gallinari thanks

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