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    Some High End (Luck, RG3) for Trade

    Hey all, got some high end for trade. Really looking for 2 specific cards though. I am looking for a 2012 Panini Black Russell Wilson Patch Auto/349 and a 2012 Certified Mirror Blue Robert Griffin III Auto. I am more than willing to look at all high end including Tom Brady, Browns HOFers, Drew Brees, and Ultra High End Colt McCoys. To meet forum rules, all cards are $100 plus (except the Ware). I don't mind BV, but will trade by common sense. Thanks all and here is what I have for trade:


    Not High End, but a nice one nonetheless.

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    need any of these colt's?


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    32magicman...Didn't see anything

    giantsfan270...Didn't see anything

    tekc8083...Didn't see anything

    ccupps420...Like the white whale, but going to pass for now.

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    Could you please CMB for the RG3 Limited !!! Thanks!!
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    J Hey Kid 22...Like the Newsome Patch Auto. Didn't see anything else besides that.

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