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    Broke a box of 12-13 ud series 1 today.... Nice!

    Had gotten a pretty decent box!
    young guns Chris Kreider NSF/nft
    Ud game jersey Zajac and fowler
    canvas Tyson Barrie yg
    silver skates sp bobby orr
    exclusives bieska /100
    rookie redemption #2 (anyone know who it is?)
    followed by 6 other young guns

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    I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen for the redemptions? I hear there are technically no rookies from 12/13? I guess it's only players from last years all star game to the cup finals. So those players that played their first games in that time frame are this years rookies? So maybe someone else knows what will happen with those?

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    Solid box! Last I heard (when S1 came out) not even UD knew who the redemptions were going to be. But that's probably old news now.

    Any interest in trading the Orr SS?

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    Well I'm assuming #1 is yakupov because the selling for mad money. #2 is selling from 35-50 so I'm thinking maybe Sean Murray. For the Orr, I'd be looking to sell

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    Congrats on a nice box.

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