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    Quote Originally Posted by Drewk86a View Post
    While over saturization and short numbered, limited, cards have an effect on long term value i think the real reason is simpler.

    More people are storing, protecting, and stashing away their cards with the belief they will be wortn money some day.

    Back in 1952, how many people put their Howe RCs into protective cases? Sports cards were for kids and they were treated as such. They were traded, folded, drawn on and stuck in bicycle spokes. How many of the cards produced still survive today? I think that enhances the value and gives it staying power. Compare that to today when every Nugent-Hopkins or (insert any rookie name) goes from the pack to the top-loader. The widespread hope for riches in the future is, ironically, what ensures that most cards will not hold their values.
    Most astute observation I have read in quite a while.

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    Selling is one thing, If I look at what I collect and buy, I tend to buy item when it's a deal. But when it come to trading, I will take beckket value of older card anytime to trade for recent card. You can check my Inventory, easy to search by players, card attributes, print run and or teams. I have close to 15,000 cards listed and with the search you can narrow it to what you collect. I collect habs and between 1992-94 up to the stike I am missing many cards and would be up to trade for them. Mainly trading with collector for wich these cards have value, you will not suffer the lost that it would occur selling them. So happy trading.

    Most cards will always drop for many reason while other will gain in value. For example UD produce a centenial serie of sets for montreal for their 100 years. Most insert have gain value since many still try to complete sets. Always a question of demand. Then most cards tend to drop when the hype from a release is gone and most collector grab what they needed. Hockey see over 30 brand release per year with on average 30-50 sub sets each. UD produce 11 brand, Panini does a other 11 brand and then ITG with no liscence make over 10 brand a year.

    If I query the inventory for 2011
    69,826 cards were produce
    1,863 rookies
    15,441 one of one (so over 20% of cards are 1/1)
    14,516 are autograph
    26,900 are memorabilia
    47,342 are serial cards

    This is in part why cards do not holds value for most cards, too many are produced and collector can't get them all so it dilute the product one can aquire. But trading is definilty where the fun is and value will stick for most that need them. Just a question to find them and, on a big site like our, it's the best place to do that.
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    Hockey cards do not hold value because Upper Deck, Panini and ITG produce them too much. That's how they keep good care of us.


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    I don't really collect hockey but take it from a collector of the other 3.My dad and I bought boxes starting in 1979 and I kept those cards in top loaders and binder pages til this day.Even my precious Don mattingly crads which held over $100 BV now can be had for $15.I have been dumping 20 years worthor crads in Ebay lots,flea markets and a few to trade here.You have to want to collect not look for resale.with so many products they could be worth notjing 10 years from now
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    Hossa's Dynagon Rookie is harded to find than the Preferred Rookie, and probably would sell for more today. His cards were severely overpriced when they first garnered attention.

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    $6.51 including shipping.......................

    The ride is alllllllmostttttt over, but hey, if no one ever produced another hockey card ever again, would any of us actual collectors ever be done????
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    It's still a niche market.

    I just sold these:

    92-93 Leaf - Felix Potvin Rookie Card for $1.90. It's a 30 cent card.

    99-00 UD Gold Reserve Young Guns - Henrik Sedin - Sold for $6.50

    People will still overpay for the right card, it's just a matter of finding that card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87sluggo View Post

    $6.51 including shipping.......................

    The ride is alllllllmostttttt over, but hey, if no one ever produced another hockey card ever again, would any of us actual collectors ever be done????
    The answer is no, and the faster the prices fall the happier I get!!

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    Me too. I love when the Card Market goes through a serious correction. it needs to correct. There are too many garbage Upper Deck Inserts from 2005-2013 in the pipeline that need to be in the garbage.

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    yet, i cant tell you how many 1996/97 Upper Deck Series 1 Doug Gilmour jerseys cards (found 1 every 1-2 cases) for $135-150ea!
    Yzerman GJs here in metro Detroit was $300-350.

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