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    Updated Trade List!! Willing to buy as well.

    I'm looking for Conor Jackson GU/Autos/Rc's, Justin Verlander GU/Autos/RC's, 04 Sweet Spot Autos, and i would also like to get a GU from the following players:

    Albert Pujols
    Barry Bonds
    Derek Jeter
    A-Rod (Yanks only)
    Nolan Ryan
    Cal Ripken Jr.
    Most HOF's

    I will look at lists and offers.

    Also willing to buy the stuff I listed at 20%-30% BV. Lmk

    Thank you


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    take a look at my site, i have a robin yount for sale, intrested?

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    04 Sweet Spot Signatures Scott Podsednik SS-SP
    02 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Juan Marichal 172/500 #189
    05 Playoff Prestige Connections Dual Jsy Chipper Jones/Andruw Jones 224/250
    03 SP Legendary Cuts Etched In Time Richie Ashburn 347/400

    Check out my HOFer tradelist and lmk if you see anything...

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    I can make you a lot with one of every player on your list (besides Verlander and Jackson) at 30% of BV. IT would probably be $25 - $30 dlvd for one of each of those guys......I'll give you a list tonight after work to choose from if you'd like and I hear back from you.

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    phillies- what is the yount? how much?

    aekdb- the marichal is gone and the podsednik isn't for trade unless for another sweet spot auto. i could trade you the ashburn and the jones' dual jsy for your schmidt (not sure on BV)

    les- i'm interested, looking forward to the list.

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    The Schmidt books for $12 same as the Jones dual, I could do that deal if you are willing. I really need the Ashburn too for my HOFer collection, it books for $8...any chance you saw something else?

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    what does the cepeda book at? maybe the dual jsy and ashburn for that?

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    anything else of mine that books $5-$10 to make up the diff.?

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    The Yount is a 2005 Topps VP-RY ROBIN YOUNT GU Bat, scan is on my site. You make the offer, and I'll tell you otherwise if I dont like it.

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