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Thread: New to TTM need some help

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    New to TTM need some help


    If I'm posting this in the wrong area I deeply apologize. I'm thinking of doing some TTM's for my son and myself. I plan on sending 8x10's and cards. Not all will get 8x10s but some. I was wondering what do I need to send the 8x10s, postage and what not and what envelopes should i use(which for the main and the sase). also How does one go about sending to canada. Ive seen some lindros sucess and a few of my favorite players are in candada (Lupul etc.). Thank you in advanced for any help thats provided!

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    For 8x10's I use 9x12 mailers 4 stamps going out and 3 coming back. For cards I use security envelopes 1 stamp going out one coming back in.

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    would forever stamps be sufficient...

    also any info on shipping to Canada?

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    I use a 10x13 envelope going out and a 9x12 for the SASE. I usually put the photo in an ultra pro sleeve and throw a piece of thin cardboard in the SASE to keep,the whole thing flat. I also write do not bend on both envelopes.

    I've only ever sent one request to Canada (Guy LaFleur) and actually had a $5 Canadian bill left over from a trip to Canada so I put it in the envelope to cover postage, which is much more than sufficient. Got my 8x10 back nicely signed. I realize that unless you have Canadian currency laying around, which isn't likely, this doesn't help you that much. Just figured I'd share the story.

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    no it didnt help lol...

    thanks for the other advice though and congrats on the success.

    I was told to use 2 of the same size envelopes and fold the SASE on the trip to.

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    A lot of people use the same size and fold the return envelope to fit inside the outgoing one, but I have a few problems with that and some reasoning behind it:

    First of all, I want my 8x10 to remain completely flat at all times so I in no way want to encourage it to be bent or folded. If a mailman is returning your photo and sees that the envelope has already been creased down the middle, that MIGHT encourage him to fold it in half to toss in your mailbox.

    Second, I write DO NOT BEND on both the outgoing and the incoming envelopes. Along the same line of reasoning, I don't want anyone to think that a DNB envelope has already been bent/folded and it's ok to fold it again.

    Third, and this is the biggest reason I use the two different size envelope, is that I pre-pack my SASE to make it easier for the athlete to drop the photo in and send it back and encourage the safest scenario for returning it. This means that inside the SASE when I send it is the photo (in an Ultra Pro sleeve to protect in case it gets wet... which has happened to me) as well as a piece of thin cardboard to keep everything semi-rigid. The only thing outside the SASE (but still within the big envelope) is my letter and donation, if any. That way all the athlete has to do is slide the photo out, sign it and slide it right back in. Nice and easy for them and it ensures that the envelope comes back to me safe and flat, with the cardboard in it to keep it that way.

    Bottom line though, do what you prefer and what feels good to you. And whatever you do I hope it brings you tons of great returns! Happy collecting and good luck...

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