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    WTTF: 12-13 SPGU Team Canada (More Tables!)

    So just like My Grand 12-13 Artifacts (Team-Canada) Want List, I bring you my 12-13 SPGU Table!
    Very strongly prefer to trade, though I understand I may need to buy some of the nicer/multi patches.

    (Current as of Jan. 20th, 2013)

    X = Have it
    O = Need it
    N/A = Doesn't exist

    Bucket link is in my sig. Feel free to PM or post. Any GU cards must be 2 colors minimum.

    2012-13 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Team Canada Dual #TC28 Cody Goloubef/Colten Teubert


    Player Jersey Patch Gold Fight Strap Logo /1
    #TC1 Carter Ashton O O O O O
    #TC2 Brett Connolly O O O O O
    #TC3 Dan Boyle O O O O O
    #TC4 Jared Cowen O O O O O
    #TC5 Casey Cizikas O O O O O
    #TC6 Colten Teubert O O O O O
    #TC7 Simon Despres O O O O O
    #TC8 Dany Heatley O O O O O
    #TC9 Calvin de Haan O O O O O
    #TC10 Erik Gudbranson O O O O O
    #TC11 Eric Staal O O O O O
    #TC12 Jamie Benn O O O O O
    #TC13 Ryan Ellis O O O O O
    #TC14 Patrice Bergeron O O O O O
    #TC15 Patrice Cormier O O O O O
    #TC16 Corey Perry O O O O O
    #TC17 Chris Pronger O O O O O
    #TC18 Chet Pickard O O O O O
    #TC19 Mark Scheifele O O O O O
    #TC20 Scott Niedermayer O O O O O
    #TC21 Devante Smith-Pelly O O O O O
    #TC22 Jaden Schwartz O O O O O
    #TC23 Tyson Barrie O O O O O
    #TC24 Wayne Gretzky O N/A O O N/A
    #TC25 Zach Boychuk O O O O O
    Totals 0/25 0/24 0/25 0/25 0/24

    Players Jersey Patch
    #TC26 Nash/Richards X O
    #TC27 Connolly/Smith-Pelly O O
    #TC28 Goloubef/Teubert O O
    #TC29 Aulie/Ellis O O
    #TC30 Ashton/Cizikas O O
    #TC31 Iginla/Getzlaf O O
    Totals 1/6 0/6

    Players Jersey Patch
    #TC32 Schwartz/Connolly/Smith-Pelly O O
    #TC33 Despres/Olsen/Barrie O O
    #TC34 Leblanc/Johansen/Foligno O O
    #TC35 Schwartz/Cizikas/Ashton O O
    #TC36 Boyle/Thornton/Heatley O O
    Totals 0/5 0/5

    Players Jersey Patch
    #TC37 Schwartz/Scheifele/Connolly/Smith-Pelly O O
    #TC38 Iginla/Thornton/Heatley/Getzlaf O O
    #TC39 Ellis/Gudbranson/Olsen/de Haan O O
    #TC40 Cowen/Despres/Barrie/Ellis O O
    #TC41 Doughty/Keith/Boyle/Weber O O
    Totals 0/6 0/6
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    have these 2, like the leblanc rc patches, lmk if we can work something out

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    i have the Connlloy patch looking for my PC players

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    I have these two of your wantlist but would prefer to sell:



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    i have tc3, tc6,tc12 and tc20
    I pc crosby, lemieux,glachenyuk, lafleur, habs, brodeur,larkin, artifact saphire 13-14, spx winning material 13-14,
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    Quote Originally Posted by shlhockeyfan View Post

    I have these two of your wantlist but would prefer to sell:


    I'll pass on buying, but if you change your mind and decide to trade the quad I'm interested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Franko0 View Post
    i have tc3, tc6,tc12 and tc20
    If it's the ones from your bucket I'll pass, they're all one color.

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