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    can anybody tell me more about this?

    i know the 90 pro set is notorious for a whole slew of errors. however, i've seen very few like this. it's not your run of the mill stat correction or anything. is it rare and what might it be worth? i've had it stashed away since back in the day because i thought it was neat and different...


    Primarily adding to my Don Mattingly collection. Also looking for Mickey Mantle, Atlanta Falcons, and whatever else catches my eye...
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    Most of the time this stuff happened in the 1990s but it occasionally happens now. A card is printed with the wrong back, wrong front, blank back, blank front, etc. No way of knowing how rare it is but it could range from thousands to that being the only one. Usually they don't sell for a lot of money but you have a HOF player in Moon from a very collected football set. If you throw it on eBay you could get a few bucks for it or more on a good day.
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    I would be interested if you are trading due to the Carl Zander back and he played at UT :):.

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    I had one like this from the 1990 Pro Set Hockey set that had Ed Olczyk and Rob Rampage of the Toronto Maple Leafs. My grandma threw it out though.....:(:

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