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    Post Blast from the past hockey INSERT top 10 list from Sports Card Magazine October 1996

    Here is the insert version from the magazine:

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    A complete set of Finest Refractor 95-96 sold for $1000 (less than the value of the Gretzky):

    O how the parallels have fallen...
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    Call me crazy, but I long for these days. Nowadays, if it isn't a Gold Game-Used Stick/Patch/Jersey Rookie Auto #'d/5 or less, it goes right into the dollar bin. Give me the Artist's Proof of a 500 card set that comes 1 every 36 packs. Give me products that don't have GU pieces in every pack (or, for the Cup, every "box"). And please, stop including game used and autos of every player; we never needed that many Gilbert Brule pieces.
    Sorry, don't mean to come off as negative, just personal feelings.

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    I preferred when game used pieces were one in every few boxes, or case not two per box.

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