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    Anybody Want This Flacco Stuff (Extremely High End)? Also Have Kaepernick's

    Whats going on guys. I started a thread the other day stating that I have a Kaepernick contenders auto and a Kaep limited jersey auto /10 FT. I havent responded to the stuff on that thread yet because I was waiting to see whether or not the 49ers won today.

    But also, I have these Flaccos:

    Theyre still hard to get, but the Pats are my team so Im not very happy with Flacco right now and might be looking to move some of the Flaccos. Looking for Boston stuff but will check buckets
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    (always looking for Flacco as well)

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    I have a Brady SPA Rc BGS 9 and a Brady SPX rc ungraded. PM ME PLEASE if interested. Thanks! -Ken
    My High End (player folders to the side): Hidden Content

    Wants:P.Manning/Luck/M.Cabrera/Pujols/Kris Bryant/Trout/Lebron/MJ/Kobe, Denver Teams & HOF HIGH END.

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    Need the chrome patch
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    -BECKETT SUPER COLLECTOR JULY 2006 ISSUE#196+NOV 2008 ISSUE #220 i collect Ed Reed,Ravens,Baltimore Colts+ nice stuff
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    id take a price on kaep contenders
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    Buying: High end Sam Bradford, NEED PEYTON MANNING CONTENDERS, Whatever catches my eye from premium brands
    Buying: Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth AUTOS

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    Are you looking for Pats stuff or baseball stuff?
    Looking for Cowboys, Andy Dalton & TCU guys(Tomlinson, Doctson, Boykin, etc.)
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