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    Looking to sell my HUGE Anquan Boldin PC

    Most of my stuff is unscanned, but I'm putting it all for sale. I can ether sell individually or as a lot. The PC includes over 50 1/1's, several hundred gu and patches, over 150 autos, and countless numbered cards. I will be getting cards scanned in the next few days, but if you have any certain sets or series please LMK, I have a few cards scanned right now, but its only the tip of the iceberg. If your looking to buy the whole PC please be serious, no offering $20 or something lame like that for all these cards I've accumlated through my 6 years of PCing Boldin. Please contact me with any interest in buying whether its one card, a few, or the whole thing.

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    Been awhile Butters!! What's the next project if/when you sell this?

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    If you have a rough price for the entire collection in mind LMK, I may be intersted. Thanks.

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    True story. Where you going? Oshkosh?

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    Replied to you both and yes I go to Oshkosh. I also uploaded about 300 Boldins so far and I still have a good 600+ to go so stay tuned folks.

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    About 200 more patches, autos, and 1/1s now scanned from yesterday.

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    Perhaps today? I still have lots of lower end inserts and numbered cards to sweeten the PC as well which I will try to get up tomorrow.

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